How to Choose the Perfect Style and Materials

 Trends come and go. Very few trends stick around and stand the test of time, but when they do, they’re pretty amazing. Take stainless steel for example; stainless was first used to modernize residential kitchens in the late 1930s. It lost popularity for a while, but then came back stronger than ever. Today I see white coming back as a returning trend. The combination of white and stainless steel is quite mesmerizing and creates a pretty amazing appearance. Here are a few great ideas to help you choose the perfect materials for your new kitchen. 

Style Texture Color

 When I mention style, I’m not talking about a style that you saw somewhere. I want to know your style. What do you want in your kitchen? Do you like a specific style, or would you prefer eclectic and custom? 

  The use of textures is a beautiful way to completely customize your kitchen. Large tile on the floor, a flat, smooth counter top, an amazing back splash, and a coffered ceiling is a pretty wide array of textures and styles – and they look great when you use them together. Don’t be afraid to mix textures to create something awesome. 

 Contrasting colors create depth and intrigue. Bold colors create focal points that you can use to change the decor from time to time. White is a very sterile, clean color, and black is sophisticated. Use color to make the most of all areas of your kitchen. 

Durability Maintenance Functionality

Always opt for durability over appearance where that decision is required. You don’t want a counter top that’s going to burn or crumble or cabinet hardware that may begin to rust next week. A kitchen remodeling project isn’t cheap; you don’t want to have to replace everything in five years.

Everyone likes a low maintenance kitchen. Self-cleaning ovens and self-defrosting freezers are wonderful things. Quartz counter tops that never need sealing are also a wonderful addition. Give maintenance a high priority when choosing materials for your new kitchen.

The kitchen, above all, has to be highly functional. Many designers refer to the primary area of the kitchen as the golden triangle. This is where the magic happens. It’s the area where the stove, sink, and refrigerator create a triangle, and everything is well within reach. Make sure that every area of the kitchen has a purpose and is functional. You can even add a lot of functionality to the island if you intend to build a kitchen island.
I hope this mini-guide has been helpful to you. Kitchen design is one of my favorite parts of my job, and I truly enjoy helping homeowners just like you rediscover the love you originally had for your home.


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